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You’d usually pay $10,000 for this student program. However, Study GC has partnered with Career Camp, and made this program freely available until December 2021. However, there is a cut off date to redeem this offer. Scroll below for details.

Content ranges from interviews and job applications to teamwork, public speaking and conflict resolution.

The Essentials


12 Module program covering skills from interviews and job applications to teamwork, public speaking and conflict resolution.


Complete with a syllabus, worksheets and handouts, it can be delivered to a class, or taken individually.


7 out of 10 graduates take more than 2 years to find a full time job in their field. Let’s change that.


You must redeem the course by BLAH, to gain access till December 2021.

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The Curriculum

What the program covers:

Module 1 : Resumés and Job Applications

Module 2 : Interview Skills

Module 3 : Starting a new Job

Module 4 : Networking Skills

Module 5 : Teamwork

Module 6 : Conflict Resolution

Module 7 : Finding a Mentor

Module 8 : Public Speaking

Module 9 : Leaving a Job

What’s included:

Everything you need to truly succeed.

More than just an online program, our career skills program gives you the tools, skills and support you need to excel at a career you love.


Quick, engaging and practical videos to grab attention.


Tangible takeaways require tangible examples.


Apply the insights to your real life situation.


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How This Works?


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“70% of jobs aren’t advertised. What are you doing to stand out?”

Navdeep Pasricha

Frequently Asked Questions

What age is this suited for?

15 to 25

How many students can take this?

As many as you'd like

How long is the program?

There are 8 modules consisting of 80 videos. Most videos are under 7 mins.

Each module is standalone [so they don’t have to be done in order].

Hence, you can deliver the program over a day, a week or a term.

Is this face to face?

No. However, an in person ‘kick off’ session can be arranged.

Have you worked with schools before?

Yes. 103 schools and 4 universities.

Why is it free?

Study Gold Coast has paid for it in advance.

What's the catch?

You will be granted 90 days access.

This ensures the course doesn’t become “shelf-help”. [ When you get a course but never use it].

Extensions can be discussed on a case by case basis.

How do I get started?

Book a 15 min enquiry

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